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What Would You Wear If You Were Invited To The Oscars?

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

I am an obvious fashion lover, duh! and have always looked forward to runway events, award shows and fashion week because of all the pretty clothes that gets displayed and the Oscars is one of the most popular event in the world!'s about actors and movies and all that but the red carpet is like the event before the event and honestly my favorite part of the whole night. I played with the idea of getting an invite to the Academy Awards this year or styling someone who did and came up with 3 outfits I designed and the full look. ENJOY!!


I designed this really chic look with a chiffon off-white alter next top which come down to the hip and a sheer dress with flower details on it as you can see in the 1st slide to the left, blonde Bob hair with fringes and a black sandal black heel. This look is really minimal so to make it pop we are going heavy on the make-up.I'd recommend a full on face beat and some diamonds to finish of the CLASSY vibe coz diamonds are a girl's best friend after all *wink


Every girl should know they are powerful and feel like the boss they are, so I degned this power suit which is grey and shining with a beautiful pink tulle trouser because we are females and proud of it. A natural hair style; styled or chopped and black heels and for this look, we are going with this really laid-back nude make up, and gold stainless steel accessories to finish of the look and not make it seem too busy or bulky.


For the last outfit. I made this gorgeous red satin ball gown because it is the Oscars we are talking about.. so why not?! With a very low neckline and 3 steps of flare, one of which is facing the opposite direction and for the hairstyle, I went for this ashy hair packed in a chignon and this beautiful Aquazurra red and pink heel as seen in the 3rd box to the left. To finish off this princess look, we are going for really soft make up and a very bold red lip and accessorizing with pearls because it is a timeless look and nothing screams timeless like pearls. So, that's about it. The 3 outfits I would consider if I was going or styling someone for the 2020 Oscars. Drop a comment and let me know which look you would go for, which one is your fave and why and don't forget to share!

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