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3 Head Wears All Females Should Have

Hey guys! Been a long time. For those of you who don't know. I took a break to focus on my exams, also, having a bad laptop charger isn't the greatest motivator to work. Anyways, I'm back ! again! and since we've been doing a "what and what one should have", I've decided to stick with the flow and do a must-haves on head wears.

Now we all know that a girl's hair is probably the most attractive feature she has but we all have bad hair days or days when we just want to look different and put a piece on our hair. Whatever the reason, no matter how much your new hair cost, we all must have these three head piece because we are super stylish and they are perfect for everything! I'm gonna prove this by showing how to slay it in three different looks!


Now, no matter what fabric, texture or color they come in, head scarves are a must. They can be worn both in and out of church, in whatever outfit and look and God! hot it sits on your face, it does make mine a whole rounder and I love it. You can knot and tie it differently each day and wear it each, most of Muslim sisters already got that covered.

If you need more inspo on how best to rock your scarves, I recommend you check out Culture Hijab which is one of my favorite Instagram page.


Of course yes!! Berets are personally my favorite head wear because how it great it makes everything looks. Check out my previous post on how to Style your Berets Best and of course, I'd look feedback.


Essential as oil. Caps, especially the baseball caps are necessary in every girl's wardrobe for different reason. I love wearing them most on really skimpy body con gowns with your hair down and as little make up as possible. Personally, I think it locks better on extensions (weave-on) than braids.


Remember I promised to show you guys three different looks that you can rock your must-haves with?? Scroll down to view but remember that are only to act guide, you can twist and turn but definitely make sure that you make it yours. Add colors, pattern, crazy makeup, accessories heavily but don't leave your hair naked. I'm always an email away if you need to talk more.

1 TheCasual look

2 The Office look

3 The Active Wear look


We know I love bonus looks. So if you've gotten these 3 and still need more. I recommend the.........



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